Pool Lift Configurator

Use our easy 4-step process to find the perfect ADA-compliant pool lift to fit your pool.

Step 1 - Gutter Configuration


Is this for your business (Commercial / Hospitality) or home (Residential)?



I don’t know what my pool’s measurements are. Click here to send an Email to an S.R. Smith Pool Lift Specialist, who will help you determine the measurements necessary to select an ADA compliant pool lift.

Step 2 - Select Your Lift

Based on your pool information, the following S.R. Smith Pool Lifts can be installed:

Step 3 - Customize Your Pool Lift

The following customizations are available for your :

Control Systems

The LiftOperator® Intelligent Control is the most technologically advanced pool lift control on the market. The optional Activation Key prevents unauthorized use - ideal for unattended pool environments.


Step 3 - Contact Information & Review

Review Your Pool Lift

A. Distance from pool deck to water
B. Wall height
C. Curb width
D. Width of gutter
E. Bullnose Radius
F. Seat depths
G. Seat to floor
H. Seat width


  • LiftOperator® Intelligent Control
    LiftOperator® Intelligent Control
  • LiftOperator® Intelligent Control with Activation Key
    LiftOperator® Intelligent Control with Activation Key


  • Arm Rests Arm Rests
  • Covers Covers
  • Caddy Caddy
  • Spine Board Attachment Spine Board Attachment
  • Stability Vest Stability Vest
  • Seat Pad Seat Pad
  • Folding Seat Folding Seat
  • Pool Lift Sign Pool Lift Sign
  • Wheel-A-Way Wheel-A-Way

Contact Info


Thank you for your submission. One of our Pool Lift Specialists will review your information to help ensure you’ve select the right ADA Compliant pool lift for your situation and will then be in touch within two business days. While you wait, take a look at our various Pool Lift Accessories by clicking here.

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