We know pool builders and consumers alike enjoy the benefits of salt chlorinator systems - that's why we've designed a line of products that perform well in salt pool environments. Our Salt Pool Approved icon is your visual assurance that the most durable and salt friendly materials have been used in manufacturing and that the product has been subjected to long term salt chamber testing. With S.R.Smith, you've got a trusted source for salt pool friendly products.

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Sealedsteel   Turbotwister   Helix On Pool
SealedSteel   TurboTwister   heliX
Typhoon B Enlarge   Cyclone B   Universal Anchor As 100P
Typhoon   Cyclone   Universal Anchor
Comm RS Bball 1   Comm SF Bball 1   Resi SF Challenge 3
RockSolid Basketball
  Salt Pool Basketball
  Salt Pool Basketball
Saltjumpsystem B Enlarge   Freestyled Luxstand B   Hiphopd Luxstand
Salt Pool Jump Stand   FreeStyle/D-Lux Diving Stand   HipHop/D-Lux Diving Stand
Flytedeckii B        
Flyte-Deck II Diving Stand