Product Description

Stair Rails are available in two sizes, 1000mm and 1500mm, and are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel for high-traffic areas. These rails can also be powder coated or treated with clear Nycote for additional protection. Comes as a single rail.

Specifications: Available with or without flanges. Tubing: 38mm diameter. Wall thickness: 1.7mm. Type: 316L stainless steel. Powder coating available in Pearl White, Stone Beige and Aztec Black. Clear Nycote Protectant also available for added protection.

Part Number(s): SR-SS-1000, SR-SF-1000, SR-SS-1500, SR-SF-1500

Shipping Dimensions: SR-SS-1000: 5kg, 175cm L x 90cm W x 7cm H. SR-SF-1000: 5kg, 170cm L x 86cm W x 7cm H.
SR-SS-1500: 5kg, 217cm L x 92cm W x 7cm H.
SR-SF-1500: 5kg, 217cm L x 85cm W x 7cm H.