Diving boards not only offer elegance to the pool, they are also probably the most fun way to get into the pool. While traditional diving boards are available in a range of custom colors, the sand tread surface of the diving board has been nearly universal since the 1950’s.

Not anymore.

S.R. Smith is changing the way people look at diving boards by revolutionizing the diving board surface and offering more color choices. In fact, we have reinvented and reinvigorated the entire diving board category with our new TrueTread™ Diving Board Series.

This unique, U.S. patent-pending design is made of a durable, marine-grade composite provides a new look and feel for the pools. Step onto a TrueTread surface and you’ll notice the difference immediately: the toes, pads, heels and soles of your now “happy feet” will enjoy this durable, UV resistant textured surface.

Available in 6- and 8-foot lengths that come in vibrant red, blue or gray, these stylish, contemporary diving boards can modernize your outdated board overnight. That’s because you can upgrade easily and, in most cases, use your existing S.R. Smith stand, saving you money. Best of all, every TrueTread board can hold up to the elements: whether it’s exposure to the baking sun or the spray from a saltwater pool (yes, some people have them), a TrueTread diving board will make a big splash for many years to come.

See the TrueTread diving board spring to life in this video from our YouTube channel. You will quickly realize that you needn’t face a tired, old diving board ever again.