Product Description

The Frontier II jump board is an introductory level combination, perfect for first time jump board buyers. The white stand can be paired with any color board to suit your poolscape and comes in two sizes so you can find the appropriate size for your diving pool. Each diving board features a high-grade, slip-resistant sand tread for maximum safety, and comes with an instructional diving video to promote safety when diving in your pool. 

Specifications: Length: 6' or 8'. Weight limit: 250 lbs. Boards available with white or matching tread.

Part Number(s): 68-209-586610T, 68-209-58662, 68-209-586620T, 68-209-58663T, 68-209-586623, 68-209-586624, 68-209-586810T, 68-209-58682, 68-209-586820T, 68-209-58683T, 68-209-586823, 68-209-586824

Shipping Dimensions:

6' Board 2 boxes 79 lbs. 52 lbs. 74"L x 20"W x 3"H 27 lbs. 34"L x 8"W x 8"H 8' Board 2 boxes 104 lbs. 70 lbs. 98"L x 20"W x 3"H 34 lbs. 41"L x 9"W x 7"H

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